How to choose a juicer for your needs: for the house and summer cottage

How to choose a juicer for your needs: for the house and summer cottage

What can be more useful than a cup of fresh vegetable, fruit or berry juice? If you have a modern high-speed juicer in the kitchen, you will always have fresh juice for all members of your family. How to choose the best model for you?

Some useful advices how to choose the best one

Firstly you have to know how you are going to use the citrus press, multifunctional home, garden and professional.

The main advantage of auger juicer is that you can use them to get the juice, foe all kinds of fruits and vegetables. This device you can use not only for all kinds of berries with pits or not but also for grass and greenery.

If you like citrus fresh very much, citrus press will be enough for you. You certainly saw them in every supermarkets, cafes or restaurants. Such juicer can be automatic or manual. There are quite simple models consisting of a ribbed nozzle and the container for collecting the juice. The principle of operation is the same in all cases: half of the fruit is pressed against the conical nozzle, it is under pressure. There is usually a grid on the neck which retrains the pump and seeds. The automated and more complex mechanical models even have several arrays: you can make a pure juice, or it can be pressed with fresh pulp.

The standard home juicer for citrus juice has container with a capacity of 0.5-1 liters. This amount is just enough for breakfast for the average family: doctors do not recommend drinking too much pure citrus juice. If you prefer only the juice of oranges standard nozzle will be enough for you. If you are going to do juice or pomelo, mandarin, lemon or lime, buy a model with multiple nozzles of different sizes.

You can do not only citrus juice

Citrus press is used only for soft citrus. That is why automatic citrus presses have little power of 30 watts. You will not able to use device for any other fruit or vegetables. You can break the juicer if you use it not on its purpose.

If you want to enjoy different juices, pay your attention to the universal centrifugal juicer. This device work different: first fruits crushed in the mush with a help of grater disc, and then we get pure juice from much. Such juicer uses for soft fruits like oranges and tomatoes, and hard apples and carrots. However you should make a list of fruit and vegetable you like to do juice. In some models there are restrictions on the processing of starchy or fiber, fruit and vegetables.