Eliminate the smell of fish

Eliminate the smell of fish At any fish in the raw state it has a special smell, which can often manifest itself after the meal is ready. The fish find it useful and nutritious product, it is necessary in the diet. But many decide to abandon its use only due to the fact that it emits a foul odor. In fact, this is a very big mistake, because of the smell is quite possible to get rid of. How do you do it will be explained below.

To begin, consider all the difficulties associated with the preparation of fish.

During the preparation of fish dishes in the kitchen is always present its peculiar smell, which extends to the dishes used in the cooking process. This cutting board, a knife, a frying pan and a few cups.

It is preferable not to allow the neighborhood of fish and other foods which are refrigerated, since the odor immediately goes not only to them, but also on its inner surface.

Quite difficult to wash out towels after close contact with any kind of fish.

Not everyone likes the smell of fried fish, so soon after the end of cooking, you should use simple tools that help to eliminate the smell. This can help to acetic acid, lemon, zest of lemon or orange and salt. Many experienced hostess consider salt to their most loyal assistant in the kitchen, because the product is able to delay the various odors. Just to start it should be a good warm up in a frying pan, and do not touch until then until completely cool. Then, you can use of citrus peel, it will also warm up in a frying pan or on an open fire.

To remove the smell of fish, you need to take a small pan with water, add lemon juice or acetic acid. All this mixture boil well, and then the room will simply ventilate.

If you do not want the cutting board for a long time held a smell of fish, it is best not to choose wood. This is due to the fact that it does not have a high quality, so absorbs all the juices and as a result, the unpleasant flavor will be very difficult to get rid of. It is best to have a separate kitchenware for fish, because this measure will prevent the transfer of odors on all other products.

It copes with the smell of mustard powder, but if not, then it will come down, and already prepared mustard. This product is dissolved in warm water, and the resulting solution is applied to all the dishes used, as well as on the refrigerator.