Sex: how to achieve sexual compatibility?

Sex: how to achieve sexual compatibility? Sex: how to achieve sexual compatibility? Harmonious sexual relations are usually the key to success and the foundation of a joint destiny. The question of the compatibility of temperaments worried minds of modern people in the world. What to do if the partner satisfied in all respects, except for sex? Should I leave a man due to lack of complete satisfaction in an intimate fate or be tested to change this unpleasant fact? How to achieve the perfect sexual compatibility?

Some people are convinced that the couples may not see the trouble with intimate fate. Such a statement, according to the perspective of psychologists, there is a mistake. At the initial stage of the relationship people have not yet had time to determine how to direct each other. Specifically, on the basis of this it is recommended not hesitate to tell a partner about their own preferences, erogenous areas, fantasies and favorite positions. Every person is unique, and to find an approach to a particular person needs to take it to heart to heart dialogue. Such discussions should of course be backed up and practice.

Sexologists are inclined to say that the term “sexual incompatibility” is incorrect. That phrase people used to justify their own laziness and lack of thirst to know the partner. For some individuals it is not difficult to believe in such a incompatibility and embark on a search for that person for the upcoming fate.

There are a couple of reasons that can lead to a lack of satisfaction and intimacy, as referred to incompatibility.

Look at some of them:

– Physiological Incompatibility. For example, a significant difference in the age of the person or partner dissatisfaction physiological parameters. A similar problem can be solved, accept and love shortcomings chosen. Be aware that every person has their own drawbacks.

– Psychological Incompatibility. For example, the lack of coincidence of erotic fantasies, thirst, or favorite item unlike sexual experience. We must realize that in any proportion of any partner is obliged something to adjust to another. This approach will help to learn over time to come to a compromise that would satisfy both the man and the lady.

– Moral norms. For example, some ladies refuse to oral and anal sex and the man does not imagine his own fate without similar caresses. The output of situation will be dialogue on the souls, where the partners argued about his own wishes and come to a common response.

Do not forget that the building of harmonious sexual relations is impossible without compromises. In most cases only a frank dialogue and a soft heart to heart can lead to the desired results achieved and to help achieve sexual compatibility. The key to success – the desire of the partners and the mutual feelings to give each other a genuine and incomparable pleasure of intimacy.