How to improve brain function

How to improve brain function Everyone wants no trouble coping with the tasks, eliminate forgetfulness, add yourself cheerfulness and fantasy. Unfortunately, this is far from all. Improve brain function suggests to improve the lives, than we now are going to do.

How to improve brain function? Observe some rules, and you will succeed! How do we know that we are using the capabilities of its brain is less than half, so imagine what horizons open before you, when you determine how to improve the brain ?!

But better immediately will tell how to improve brain function. Immediately warned – to collect the fruits will come later, as the brain training is not swift, but efficient.

Improve your brain, of course, regular exercise can help. For example, going to nap, try to scroll the day in reverse order. In addition, the game of association. Another very good exercise: Think of an object, analyze it and taste it until recently to focus attention on it. When you realize that it goes away – try to find more details, scroll back to the logical chain. I exercise a lot, most importantly, find your own favorite method and do it regularly!

Play in puzzle games, crossword puzzles, solves puzzles. There will assist you and your computer – the network has a lot of exciting games that develop memory. We like Brain Buddies – Play Facebook social network, when shall find a moment. Also introduced in the habit of playing chess, bingo and cards.

To remember a serious event, be sure to: try to fix the mind a clear picture, illustration, said aloud responsible characterized by the phrase. For example, you often forget that the door is closed, and then the whole day does not find a place.

Foreign languages perfectly develops memory, on this basis do not be lazy and write directions on the romantic French, German or philosophical passionate Spanish.

The figures – one of the strongest stimulators of memory, based on the number of try to remember friend’s phone. This is not only very interesting but also nice in an era when we even own phone number often do not know. At one time psychologist Francis Rauscher made a great discovery. After listening to the songs of the great Mozart rat overcame maze much faster than after the “concert” other composers. The fact that the music of Mozart stimulates the activity of three genes that is associated with the cells that transmit signals to the brain. Just consider that this method will help not for everyone. If you cannot bear good music – not even seek records on Youtube. Result Mozart reach only those people who are listening music and can fully relax.

For the proper functioning of the brain certainly eat healthy foods rich in fatty acids of vegetable origin, trace elements and vitamins. Trust me, the food – one of the most serious brain trainers.

Your diet will certainly shall consist of the products in which there is a sufficient amount of magnesium, phosphorus, sulfur, iron, zinc, calcium and copper. Eat more nuts, legumes, cereals, vegetables, fruit (especially apples), fish and eggs!

Vitamins, of course, are not substitutes for food, but can fully compensate for the lack. Also to you can help nootropics. Before taking them, consult with a neurologist!

For the proper functioning of the brain need to drink plenty of water – about 1.5 liters per day. At the same time should not drink alcohol at all – it not only prevents the formation of mental, but also a very bad effect on the emotional background.

The brain works better if it receives a sufficient amount of oxygen. Based on this, we introduce into the habit at times when you need to focus, sit straight and breathe deeply. It is also helpful to meditate.

It is proved that if in your blood enough estrogen – the brain works more effective. What can give us a limit on the number of the euphoria hormone? Of course, regular sex, sex and sex again.