How to stop loss of hair

How to stop loss of hair Quite often, the girls is very worried about severe hair loss, many of the trouble escalates autumn. But usually the hair loss – a temporary phenomenon, which does not imagine a huge danger to the general condition of the body and hair.

Female organism is susceptible to various transformations over time and because of external factors on the basis of this if you are to notice that the hair began to fall out very much (norm 25-30 hairs a day), do not rush to “sound the alarm” and better pay attention to the following points:

– Lack of vitamins: specifically for this reason that the “peak” of hair loss falls on the early spring and late autumn.

Doctor-dietitian, nutritionist Anna Belousovа thinks that hair condition is highly dependent on the quality of food: “For the health and shine of hair need to include in your diet foods rich in protein (eggs, dairy products, meat), iodine (other seafood and seaweed) vitamins and zinc group B (pine nuts and liver). We also need silicon (cauliflower) and selenium (bran), which have a positive impact on the condition of the scalp, and Vitamin C (rosehips, kiwi, dark currant) has an effect on the hair follicle. Combine all of these nutrients is also possible with the additional intake of vitamin and mineral complexes and biologically active food additives»

– Diet: Women addicted restriction in food, do not get enough nutrients and trace elements – hair suffering from this and may also change the structure

– Stress: after strong stress hair starts to fall after about two months

– Change time zone, climate or water

– Hormones, especially during pregnancy and lactation

– Poor quality tools for hair care and styling products (shampoos, conditioners, mousses, varnishes, etc.).

If you realize that increased hair loss is permanent or with a particular frequency, it speaks about the internal problems with the body, and the need to address the doctor-trichologist.

Between us, girls

Ladies with the problem of hair loss are seen more often than men – due to hormonal differences in the female body and the experiences with of his own hair. Men have such trouble is seen rarely, but if a man’s hair began to fall, to return them is unrealistic – the reason lies in genetics. An interesting fact is that hair transplants do only men since female hormonal swings do not allow hair to settle down!

What can be done?

To restart growth bulbs, certainly need to clean the scalp by a means of stimulating hair growth, which better penetrate the skin. This can be done both in the salon and at home.

If you come to the salon to the expert, the first what to do is a diagnostics, trouble is detected, then the scalp is cleaned by means of massage and exfoliation for 60 seconds, the hair is washed with shampoo, apply special means and  conditioning for restoring hair growth.

Houses you may make such a procedure too: certainly apply shampoo twice, and, first of all, for 60 seconds scrupulously wash the scalp. Then may use tonic and conditioner.

Well, if this is a premium product then on the hair is better not to save. Pay attention to the composition: in the means on care hair should be trace elements that stimulate a vascular supply of the scalp. Thereby the hair follicles are powered when the vessels are functioning perfectly. In most cases, great help the components of plant origin. For example, Satinique shampoo that prevents hair loss, rich in extracts of ginseng and mulberry leaves, and  tonic for a scalp  contains extracts of perilla,  licorice root and green rooibos, which is saturated, moisturize and regenerate the scalp, strengthen and promote the growth of a more dense and lush hair.