Why in men is stress: sex and misunderstanding

 Why in men is stress: sex and misunderstanding During the brutal appearance Ukrainian men hide narrow and sensitive nature brave romantic.

Such a conclusion can be done from the achieved results of the sociological survey on issues of stress, which makes the National University strategic studies of the Ministry of Health.

Thus, according to the study, most Ukrainian men are nervous because of the trouble in bed (20%), and among the second causes of stress is called a misunderstanding on the part of others (15.4%), increased self-criticism (14.0%), dissatisfaction with the fate of a unwillingness to live (9.4%).

Since most of the men are not inclined to open the manifestation of feelings, except manifestation of a defensive reaction, in most cases they turn in on themselves and seek solitude to reflect on their own problems and look for solutions. While the solutions do not come soon, men prefer to change the situation or else throw out the negative energy through fights, competitions, sports, sex, and from time to time and preparations (Corvalol – 33, 60%, valerian – 46, 28%). In 37.4% of men under stress dominates aggressiveness.

As for the ladies, a manifestation of stress is more emotional, so they are prone to self-blame, hypersensitivity, rapid mood swings. According to the study, they were more likely to feel insecurity and loneliness (23.3%), fear of loss (32.4%), depression (18.7%), in addition to this, the cause of the origin of stress in women may worry about the health of family members ( 30.5%), constant strife at home (22.1%), the presence of chronic diseases (19.1%).

Ladies cope with stress method of talking about troubles aloud trusted people. Over expression and discussion of their own feelings becomes easier. To escape from trouble and to get out of stress, ladies delight you shopping trips (26%), access to the gym (35.1%) or social events (20.6%).