Why not comes orgasm

Why not comes orgasm “According to statistics, only one third of the ladies have an orgasm during every sexual contact. Another third orgasm occasionally. And another third will give under any circumstances does not experience orgasm during intercourse with a man, “- says Alexander Sviyash in his book” Sex as fun psychotherapy for very busy uncles and aunts. ”

But almost all (!) Ladies easily reach orgasm during masturbation. This means that the lack of orgasm – therapeutic reasons rather than physiology.What difficulties with orgasm may be?

The complexity of the first. For there is no power of orgasm

When extreme fatigue or depression, in other words the complete energy depletion of no orgasm can be no question. If the lady a day of hard works, and later ran a shop, cook dinner, all fed, cleaned, washed and cleaned, the sex she had been. It has already been used as a sexual object work, family. And while her great-fed and well-groomed husband asks for sex, in the best case he can take her body in use. And she herself, instead of a full orgasm will only be available for its simulation.

The complexity of the second. Concentration on the genitals

But even if the day was not so busy, and some energy in the body of the lady still remained, it still cannot reach orgasm. For what reason? Orgasm – a supreme degree of excitement, during which the energy is concentrated on the genitals and the point is discharged. In other words, for sex lady should focus on the sensations in your own body. The energy stored in the part of the body on which we focus.

On this basis, if the attention will be focused on the thoughts and feelings are not, then the energy will stay in your head and not go down to the second chakra. And, of course, no orgasm will not. It would be nice, but there have been more serious matters, right? For example, if he plans to eventually get married?! And what about the speck from your favorite dress?

In general, if you stand for something intensely think, most energy will remain in the mind, and orgasm-discharge will not: nothing will be discharged.

The complexity of the third. Emotional dirt

To the energy needed for orgasm came down, it (in other words, energy), should be able to move through the body. Since any strong negative emotions in the body leaves the power unit and solid clip. For this reason, if orgasm were difficulties, you must cleanse the body from the emotional dirt. The complexity of the fourth. Trapped, control

Another factor that is very important for the ladies – is the ability to surrender to the process of sex, cease to control their own feelings, to dissolve in feelings. Good sex is obtained if you completely trust the partner you are open and gives the process. Another blocking factor – this zeal in whatever beginning to achieve orgasm, not allowing myself to stay without it. If there is such experiences, then a running mechanism dissatisfaction. All of this is strongly reminiscent of the fight against obesity or smoking. The process has, and the result is not visible. If at least once to experience a full orgasm will achieve the following business easier.

Conclusion: The excessive zeal orgasm can also cause blocking of his parish.